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Monday, 19 September 2016

Dreamcatcher is born with a card!

...and 5 years of watercolouring!

After over 15+ years in Advertising, i yearned to do something different. CARDS in WATERCOLOUR using different media! I joined the , and renewed my watercolour dreams and i discovered my turning point.

 I'm taking copic and heatwave classes along with CAS (Clean and simple cards), So my first creation is the one that got a lot of Arches getting wasted (our instructors insist that we use the best and only the best!) Actually that works. But is expensive to say the least! But so is Cardmaking. New stamps, materials have to be gobbled before they turn persian motif (one i yearned for...) The one i used a lot was this 'negative' card.

Even as i practising lessons and trying to complete "homework" i discover Yupo. Plastic, yet pure. You could have painted a whole sheet, but you could remove the paint and start over again (except for some pthalo colours and 'sticky' colours. 

I tried Yupo paper for a lark and was hooked. It's challenging to say the least and i find most artist's and card makers using alcohol inks which is fine, but i yearned to use watercolour. Then i discovered Montana artist Jane Latus Emmert. I was elated till is discovered she had left for her heavenly abode a few days after my unending search for her website.:( But, unsung by today's generation, i think, she left a legacy of Montana's beauty where she fished, painted and hunted.

My next find was a huge canvas painting and i took off of  on a small sheet. The message side is empty and soon i will choose my sentiment...maybe not a ready made one though I love those. Some are so good that it's just what you want to say. wplus9, Simon says (love their critter stamps and occasion sentiments. Penny Black, Hero Arts, Justrite. and so many. Will mention them as i create my cards.

Teextured flowers on Yupo

 I used a napkin, some rough jute and sponge. I found that you can let the colours in their water cast you create or then they mix and blend. All you avoid is making 'mud'.I'm still on the 'yupo' bug.
5 years back

Five years back i got bitten by the bug and i think many such ;hobby' bugs. A year later i left it thinking i wasn't any good. Then i caught the music bandwagon before i returned to 'art journaling' and then realised it was cards i wanted to paint and all flowers. Of course later critters joined them and i think it will be landscapes. These i want to sell watercolour flower cards and more.
Starry galaxy and a sentiment gone awry.

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