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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Diwali stamps from Ranganjali

Diwali stamp form Ranganjali tansformed into watercolour with gold spatter embossing and negative painting.It's not very traditional but has the #Diwaliflavour. I used my favourite paints which i've mentioned in another post. I'm a newbie and $ Neha has inspired me. She advised me to go through the watercolours. But this Diwali i had no sale. So here are a few cards that i created as traditional cards. I'm happy that my one day one card with practicing watercolours is working. And, i'm sure my efforts will pay.
I used the stamp, but as in watecolour the apints choose the way to go and you follow. So, i'm just happy to be part of the 'diwali' #challenge 11.

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