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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Zazzle is the way!

Check out the Jumbo mug i designed from my watercoloured image. You too could do it with yours or Zazzle's numerous images!  And, earn money! Check out for details.

After creating my watercolour and turned into a card as digital prints since i wouldn't part with my artwork. I read  an article on Zazzle where you could custimize your design for any product they sell. You get paid for every sale and a cut of the royalty. Cool huh!

You could check me out at  FB and G+, pinterest- (sussayn), instagram (valsajohn9209), twitter handle @vallsa. Using these social media including linked in and blogs like blogger, wordpress, squidoo, flickr and get max coverage. 
Choose your tags with care. Zazzle helps you. Apart from that i got one  mug is this cornflower on a coffee mug on zazzle :

I think we need time for people to be able to do what they want to. Personally, handling the selling part was so tough till i discovered Zazzle! Of course i have my clients for greeting cards from my artwork arranged digitally and printout taken at a print house. Think a personal heavy weight colour printer would be great. What say!

So take your inspiration and make it yours. Use the best paints, Arches 300 gsm(140 ), Saunders or Waterford where you need very heavy paper to handle all the wet into wet techniques. Try ordinary paints sometimes like i do 'koi' which surprisingly is quite semi-transparent.Three of these are on yupo paper.

For embellishments and many of my products for card making i go to and for books at

Online stores in ‘India have mushroomed and a few i can mention are:,, crafterscorner.iu are the first shop i got many of my early products.

There are shops in Mumbai like and right in Mumbai who sell from their store as do others, but i want to browse and choose my products, and get to know the latest stamps, colours, and embellishment, cutting dies -  i yearn to have them all and the best of stamps is never enough.

 Investment is huge for dedicated crafters, but some manage with homemade stamps and pretty patterned papers . I did that when it was just a hobby.Now i'm dead serious and so joined and found myself veering to watercolour, which i had started as a hobby three years back from youtube videos.

Now it’s Drmctchrstudio! Think i must get a website.But my FB page is:

I feel confident with Zazzle! It doesn’t cost you anything to be part of it. Tap social media, family, friends, followers, even your darling critter(oh i just love them)

Diya Card

No doubt you have to work hard updating, following and creating new products.

With google+, pinterest, instagram, twitter, linkedin, flickr are all ready to showcase your products, you can say there is a chance you can make it big! With confidence! With Zazzle!


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